Labour reaches highest rating yet in latest General Election poll

Labour reaches highest rating yet in latest General Election poll

Len McCluskey, general secretary of the Unite union, told Politico it would be a success for Labour if it could hold onto 200 seats in the 650-seat House of Commons - or 29 fewer than the party now holds.

He suggested winning 200 seats - almost 30 fewer than in 2015 - would be a "successful" result for Mr Corbyn.

Media captionJeremy Corbyn: "This is a manifesto for all generations".

The Tories said that if Labour's nationalisation programme - which was not costed in the manifesto - and other investment spending was taken into account, it would lead to an additional £58 billion in borrowing by 2021-22, the final year of the next parliament.

The BBK don sat down with the Labour party politician to discuss ways to engage young people with politics, following some Twitter interaction.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says it is a "radical and responsible" program "for the many, not the few". Polling in the wake of leaks of the manifesto showed majority support for nearly all of Labour's flagship policies. "I think it would be extraordinary". You've got the guy.

"I'm not optimistic, but we'll wait and see".

"I wish the Prime Minister would agree to a televised debate with him, his message would reach so many more people". "But I don't see Labour winning". Should than happen, it would be Labour's worst result since 1935.

The Conservatives won 330 seats at the last general election in 2015, with Labour taking 232.

MI5 opened a file on Jeremy Corbyn because of his links to IRA terrorists, according to reports.

Labour is defending its plans to exert state control over key utilities amid uncertainty over what the final price tag will be and how it will be paid for.

It said it could cut annual water bills by £100 and energy bills by £120, stopping dividends to shareholders while cutting the cost of interest payments on the companies' debts as the government would be able to borrow more cheaply.

But it said it would be achieved by exchanging government bonds for shares in the relevant companies, and since profits now used to pay dividends would be used instead to pay interest on those bonds, they would be "no net cost" to the exchequer.

But it is significant, because it suggests that Jeremy Corbyn hasn't driven away voters and may have attracted new ones.

"But while his figures are a fantasy, it's ordinary working families who will pay with higher taxes or higher bills".

The respected Institute for Fiscal Studies said it was "uncertain" whether Labour's plan to lower the 45p rate income tax threshold to £80,000 and bring back the 50p tax rate would raise the expected £6.4bn a year and warned "it could also raise nothing".

Alongside its manifesto, Labour also detailed how it would pay for spending commitments worth nearly £50 billion, through hikes in corporation tax, higher income tax for the top five percent of earners and new levies.

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