North Korea threatens South after firing missile

North Korea threatens South after firing missile

Defying United Nations resolutions and warnings from the USA, the country conducted its latest missile test Sunday.The weapon, said North Korea, was a mid- to long-range ballistic missile that could survive re-entry into the atmosphere, a key feature needed for a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the United States.

The test came just days after South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has called for closer engagement with the North, was inaugurated in Seoul.

The council expressed its "utmost concern" over North Korea's "highly destabilizing behavior and flagrant and provocative defiance of the Security Council".

The Security Council adopted two sanctions resolutions a year ago to ramp up pressure on Pyongyang and deny leader Kim Jong-Un the hard currency needed to fund his military programs.

Mr Cheong Seong Chang, a senior research fellow at the Sejong Institute, is quoted by Yonhap as saying that Mr Moon would face challenges in improving inter-Korean relations as the U.S. is likely to further pressure Seoul to join its drive for tougher sanctions. It also vowed to fully implement the six sanctions resolutions previously adopted and urged all U.N. member nations to implement the measures "in an expeditious and serious manner".

The UN first imposed sanctions on North Korea in 2006.

The Security Council is expected to discuss the possibility of further sanctions at an emergency session on Tuesday.

North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency called the launch a new type of "medium long-range" ballistic rocket that can carry a heavy nuclear war head. Kim witnessed the test and "hugged officials in the field of rocket research, saying that they worked hard to achieve a great thing", KCNA said.

There's also a political victory for North Korea. Spokesman Moon Sang-Gyun said it's still unlikely that North Korea has re-entry technology, which would return a warhead safely back into the atmosphere.

The missile flew for half an hour and reached an unusually high altitude before landing in the Sea of Japan, the South Korean, Japanese and US militaries said. Opposing the North's test, China's Foreign Ministry called on all sides to exercise restraint.

On Monday, North Korea's diplomatic representative in Beijing did not address any misgivings Seoul had about its recent missile test, or how the provocation could pose an obstacle to dialogue and reconciliation.

This test confirmed the technical characteristics of the induction and stability systems, the structure, review and the missile firing, designed by North Korean scientists and technicians.

"This is an important step there is still a window for trying to negotiate with North Korea capping its nuclear and missile programs at a point where it is much less of a threat to the United States".

The US says its "strategic patience" with North Korea is over, even hinting at a pre-emptive strike. The country's dictator Kim Jong Un is warning (he's done it before) that the country is well on its way to striking the USA mainland and military bases throughout the Pacific Ocean.

But, he added: "We must stop intimidating North Korea and find a peaceful solution to this problem".

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