Off-duty officer among 22 victims in Manchester bombing

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the bomber, identified as British-born Libyan Salman Abedi, "likely" did not act alone when he killed 22 people and wounded dozens at an Ariana Grande concert Monday night in Manchester.

Omar Alfaqhuri, a neighbour who lives just in front of a house that was raided, said he saw "a massive deployment of police forces" during the arrest in the night and a man he named as "Adel" taken away.

One woman arrested by armed police on Wednesday was released a few hours later without charge, leaving 10 men still in custody on Thursday, including suspected killer Salman Abedi's father and brother in Libya. An initial deployment of 984 had been ordered, initially in London, then elsewhere.

A British minister said Wednesday it was "irritating" that details about the Manchester concert bombing had been leaked to United States media before being released in Britain, saying she had spoken to U.S. authorities.

The Islamic State terror group claimed responsibility for the barbaric attack involving a homemade device packed with nuts and bolts which exploded in the foyer of the Manchester Arena as thousands of young people were leaving the concert by U.S. pop star Ariana Grande.

Her husband was listed in critical condition while her children were treated for injuries.

In a statement, police said: 'We have made an arrest in Wigan this afternoon in connection with the investigation into the horrific incident at Manchester Arena.

The militia, aligned with the Libyan government, said that the younger Abedi was allegedly planning a terror attack in Libya when arrested.

Asked if he believed Abedi had the support of a network, Collomb said: "That is not known yet, but perhaps".

France's interior minister said Abedi is believed to have traveled to Syria and had "proven" links with the Islamic State group.

A spokesperson said the brother was aware of Abedi's attack plan and both belonged to the ISIS group, which claimed responsibility for the attack.

The U.K terror threat level has been raised to "critical" for the first time in more than a decade, in the wake of the horrifying attack in Manchester.

May chaired a meeting of the government's Cobra emergency response committee at her Downing Street office on Wednesday morning.

Britain's National Police Chiefs' Council warned that leaks of potential evidence "undermine our investigations". Coverage of the attack and its aftermath has pushed out political news from the British media.

Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi likely received some ISIS training by traveling to Syria in the months before the bombing, according to information gathered in the preliminary investigation into the attack, a U.S. official told CNN Thursday.

On Wednesday, new details about Abedi emerged, including that he had been known to intelligence services, Rudd told the BBC.

On Wednesday morning, Amber Rudd, Britain's home secretary, said the leaks in the USA media were "irritating" and should not happen again.

Sessions said he shares President Trump's "deep concern" about leaked information concerning Monday's suicide bombing in Manchester, England.

The paper, without specifying the source, said British authorities provided access to photos of materials found at the scene. The closure would last until advice from authorities changed.

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