Peterborough teen wins award named in honour of Princess Diana

Peterborough teen wins award named in honour of Princess Diana

The Diana Award is a charity legacy to the belief of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, that young people have the power to change the world.

Just like Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry have shown they have a way with young people.

Twenty young recipients traveled to St. James's Palace to receive the Legacy Award set up by the Diana Award charity to recognize the "monumental impact" they have made on society.

William said his mother "touched the lives of millions" during her life and still inspires "countless acts of compassion and bravery" two decades after her death in a vehicle crash.

PRINCESS Diana was known for her generous spirit and giving nature.

Prince William and Prince Harry today paid tribute to their late mother for still inspiring "countless acts of compassion and bravery" 20 years after her death.

Harry, 32, added: "One of the things our mother taught William and I was the value of doing good when no one is watching". "Even though I wasn't born when she passed away, I have read about the humanitarian work that she did".

The Princes honoured their mother's teachings about charity.

Jaylen Arnold, a 16-year-old victor from Lakeland, Florida, suffers from Tourette syndrome and was bullied as a child.

Britain's Prince Harry speaks to the award winners during the The Diana Award's inaugural Legacy Award, at St James' Palace in London, Thursday, May 18, 2017. I see every day in my work, as our mother did in hers, that this just simply is not true - these 20 young people are just the tip of the iceberg.

Prince William said: "We are so glad our mothers name is being put to good use through The Diana Award. This result was tremendous". I can only applaud a truly incredible group of young people.

As the 20th anniversary of her death approaches, we've been hearing the boys talk more and more about Princess Diana and her awesome work. The exhibition, titled "Diana: Her Fashion Story", offers a unique look at Diana's style and features some of her most stunning outfits.

"We will do everything we can to make sure that she's never forgotten and carry on all the special gifts, as such, that she had and that she portrayed while she was alive", Harry said in the March 2016 interview.

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