Reporter Claims He Was 'Body Slammed' By GOP Candidate [AUDIO]

Reporter Claims He Was 'Body Slammed' By GOP Candidate [AUDIO]

Gianforte, a millionaire endorsed by US President Donald Trump, would face a maximum $500 (£385) fine or six months in jail if convicted, the Associated Press reported.

A special congressional election in Montana took a turn for the freaky Tuesday evening as the Republican candidate running for the seat allegedly body-slammed a reporter to the floor and yelled at him to "get out of here". I'd also like to call the police.

"I'm sick and exhausted of you guys, the last time you came in here you did the same thing", Gianforte said during the altercation.

Gianforte said he would answer that question later, but Jacobs pushed and said there would be no time later. In early ads, Quist defended himself against NRA attacks by polishing a vintage Winchester rifle, which he says he's owned since "long before Greg Gianforte showed up from New Jersey". The last guy that came in here did the same thing. The last guy did the same thing. "You with The Guardian?" the man asks.

"You just body slammed me and broke my glasses", Jacobs said.

"Get the hell out of here", Gianforte says.

Dingell's frank remark referenced the controversy surrounding Greg Gianforte, who is seeking to fill a vacant seat in the U.S. House, and Guardian newspaper reporter Ben Jacobs. Gianforte told him he would get to him later.

Buzzfeed journalist Alexis Levinson - who said she was in a room adjacent to the incident but could see some of what happened through a "partially closed door" - partially confirmed elements of both stories.

Banging and crashing sounds are heard on the tape before the candidate shouts "Get the hell out of here" at the US-based political reporter.

"You were waiting to make a decision about healthcare until you saw the bill, and it just came out", Jacobs said.

Mr. Gianforte is locked in a tight race with Mr. Quist to replace Ryan Zinke, who vacated his spot in Congress to become President Trump's secretary of the interior.

A Democratic upset in the race would set off alarms for Republicans already anxious about the effects of Trump's unpopularity and the healthcare issue on their candidates in next year's midterm elections, when Republicans must defend their 24-seat House majority. The race is turning out to be closer than many thought the traditional Republican stronghold would be.

Gianforte was driven away from the scene in a Jeep shortly after the incident. Sheriff's deputies were talking to him earlier. But the Democrat has attempted to turn that sow's ear into a silk purse by saying his money problems are related to a botched surgery that rendered him indebted and uninsurable.

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office responded to the incident and took statements from those present.

In a statement, Gianforte spokesperson Shane Scanlon said the incident was a result of Jacobs being "aggressive" and blamed the reporter for creating a scene.

Gianforte campaign spokesman Shane Scanlon said the candidate was in a private office giving an interview when reporter Ben Jacobs entered the office without permission.

Gianforte's opponent Rob Quist said, "I guess that's not for me talk about, I think that's more a matter for law enforcement".

Alicia Acuna corroborates that Jacobs did in fact walk into the room and start asking Gianforte about the recently released CBO score for the AHCA, all of which is plainly obvious if you listen to the audio. Jacobs then grabbed Gianforte's wrist and both fell to the ground, the campaign said.

On Jacobs's audio, Gianforte is not heard asking him to lower his microphone.

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