Triple crown: Monaco or F1 championship?

The Monaco Grand Prix takes place next weekend, but it will do so without Fernando Alonso.

Fernando Alonso's Indy 500 entry isn't just a brief flight of fancy-the double F1 world champion is 100 percent serious about winning this historic race.

LT: We read your interview for IndyStar where you admit Fernando Alonso's joining to the competition is one of the most outstanding news in the motorsport field in years.

Brown has since instigated a number of changes at McLaren, with one of the most significant steps being a return to the Indianapolis 500 with Alonso at the wheel.

"I raced a lot in Europe and I think that's helpful", said de Ferran. "Especially if he comes out here and runs well, I think that will make a lot of drivers evaluate or investigate trying to get into the auto for the 500 [in future]". I think we found a good balance for traffic. You go out there, you jump in the vehicle, adjust the set-up of the auto, the precision you need with your feedback and the set-up tuning. they change a quarter of a millimeter here, a quarter of a degree there, things that could change the balance of the auto completely, even if four corners seems not too hard.

Every once in a while when you look up for the best vehicle race drivers you probably must find Spanish pilot Oriol Servia. I believe that on other weekends we have had trouble-free Fridays and Saturdays only to not finish the race on Sunday.

While his first impressions of IndyCar racing are positive, the Spaniard is wary of the experiences that are still ahead of him when it comes to thinking about a more permanent move to race Stateside. I want to see how the whole thing goes.

Alonso's coach said that his preparation would "ramp up big time" from the start of today and now practice drivers will be allowed to run qualifying-level turbo boost with an increase from 1.3-bar to 1.4-bar and De Ferran said that the four laps in qualifying will be the most frightful laps for Alonso. These aren't the positions that Alonso wants to compete for, nor the sounds that a man fully committed to his team will make. "If I'm able to enjoy it [at Indy] and I'm able to have another opportunity, why not?"

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