Vladimir Putin says can prove Trump did not pass Russian Federation secrets

Vladimir Putin says can prove Trump did not pass Russian Federation secrets

Comey also kept memos from his phone conversations with Trump on at least two separate occasions, according to a source.

If the events in the memo happened in the way that Comey says, President Trump would find himself likely being impeached by the House of Representatives.

"What you have is contemporaneous documentation of Comey's recollection of what the president said", said Bob Bauer, who served as White House counsel under President Barack Obama.

The White House issued a furious denial after Mr Comey's notes detailed Mr Trump's request.

"The appointment of former FBI director and respected lawyer Robert Mueller as special counsel for the Russian Federation investigation is a positive development and will provide some certainty for the American people that the investigation will proceed fairly and free of political influence", Senator Richard Burr said and Mark Warner, chairman and ranking member of Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said.

Some lawmakers are accusing President Donald Trump of obstruction of justice after revelations that FBI Director James Comey wrote a private account of the president asking him to shut down an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

No less a commentator than Russia's Vladimir Putin called the dramatic charges swirling around Trump evidence of "political schizophrenia spreading in the U.S". "This is not a truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation between the President and Mr. Comey", the statement continued.

But if Comey had gone public in February, the defense from Republicans would have been that Trump just talks like that, and he wasn't trying to obstruct justice, and you shouldn't take him so literally.

John McCain, chair of the Senate Armed Services committee, said late Tuesday that the developments had reached "Watergate size and scale". "But whether it will be given any credibility - I can tell you its credibility would be less than zero", Schiff said.

They agree there is the possibility of what they call a simple tax cut, but caution that even that is imperiled by a White House in damage-control mode.

President Trump fired Gen Flynn on February 13, on grounds that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence and other officials about his contacts with Russians.

Putin, who still hopes Moscow can fix battered ties with the United States despite a deepening political scandal in the United States related to Trump's purported Russian Federation ties, said Moscow had rated Lavrov's meeting with Trump highly.

The intensifying drama comes as Trump is set to embark Friday on his first foreign trip, which had been optimistically viewed by some aides as an opportunity to reset an administration floundering under an inexperienced president. The discussions focused on mending U.S.

A day earlier, the Washington Post, citing unnamed sources, reported that Trump had shared highly classified intelligence with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov regarding an Islamic State group terror threat.

On Monday, the Washington Post reported Trump did not disclose the exact source used for the intel, but he provided "code-word information", apparently connected to an ISIS plot related to the use of laptops on board passenger aircrafts.

After Putin offered Congress written records of Trump's meeting, NBC News' Andrea Mitchell asked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson if the "Russians were bugging the Oval Office?"

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