Important iOS app development trends to consider for great apps

Important iOS app development trends to consider for great apps

The new beta available to developers shows that the volume slider for videos is now much smaller and out of the way.

A feature within this Do Not Disturb mode will allow those who text the driver to receive an automated reply that states they're driving and can not respond right now.

The new drag and drop function was demoed for the Twitterverse on an iPhone 6 Plus by Steve Troughton-Smith, the developer who originally floated the potential for the feature before WWDC. The iPhone still contributes more than 60 percent of Apple revenue. This seems to be a step forward in developing a seamlessly integrating operating system by bridging the gap between macOS and iOS. Millions and millions of iPhone and iPad users will surely support ARKit that it will make the biggest AR platform in the world from its launching. Apple will now surface notable in-app content in the main sections throughout the App Store and promote it just like an app or notable update (as pictured above). Now while driving your iPhone will automatically turn on auto mode. Tons of people already spend time trying to reduce the size of their photos, apps, and other bits of data in order to save space and not meet the dreaded "Cannot take photo" alert when it's clutch time. When turned on, this feature will switch between the two modes depending on what time it is.

To help address the issue in the iOS 11, Apple has presented a couple of new options for managing the storage, including the alternative to automatically erase the applications you never utilize. It will show a blank screen and not allow messages or calls to come through.

Apparently, iOS 11 is even able to recognize what a QR code is about and then ask the device user if they want to act on it.

In what is certain to be a welcome move for app developers, Apple has announced that all the reviews and ratings their app has accumulated over the period of its existence on the app store, will no longer disappear when the devs release an update. They've been asking for more iPad variation for a while now and now, they finally got what they've been asking for. The refresh rate is also doubled up to 120 Hz. On Reddit, one user said you have to switch to the male Siri voice and back to let the new Siri download.

The field of augmented reality will benefit from Apple's scale overnight.

IOS 11 bugs: Not everyone has the new Siri voice yet.

The iPhone screen will be locked to prevent drivers from using their apps while driving, CNN reports.

One thing that has made the super music obsessive wary of iOS is the lack of FLAC support.

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