Intel Chiefs Stonewall Committee's Trump-Russia Questions

Intel Chiefs Stonewall Committee's Trump-Russia Questions

He exaggerates. He spins. He understates. He has cultivated a reputation as a by-the-book Boy Scout, so rigidly scrupulous that he has run afoul of partisans on both sides.

The announcement came just one day before sacked Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey gives highly-anticipated testimony on Russia's interference in the 2016 USA elections and possible collusion with Trump's campaign.

Make no mistake. The Boy Scout will fire back at the president who fired him.

"I am not going to discuss the specifics of interactions that I may or may have not had with the President", Rogers said, adding he has never felt pressured to do anything unethical.

Mr. Comey says he opted not to make this fact public because it was possible the investigation might move in a different direction and he ultimately would end up investigating Mr. Trump.

As U.S. Senator Joe Manchin prepares for Thursday's much-anticipated Senate Intelligence Committee's questioning of fired FBI Director James Comey, he's considering a barrage of questions submitted by state residents. He did not tell Sessions what the president said about Michael Flynn.

The groups said their petition has amassed more than four million signatures.

At the same time, the Comey testimony refutes reports by CNN and other outlets that Comey would dispute that claim.

Comey also faces serious credibility problems ahead of his highly anticipated Senate testimony Thursday, with 36 percent of Americans saying they trust what he says about Russian Federation and the election "a great deal" or "a good amount", while 55 percent trust him less or not at all.

Despite the mounting legal questions now shadowing the White House, Trump has needled Comey publicly.

Fired FBI Director James Comey says Donald Trump told him the Russian Federation investigation was creating a "cloud" over his presidency.

Comey said that once before Trump's inauguration, and again at the January dinner, he assured the president that he was not personally under investigation. He then said, "I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn".

Comey is finally putting some cards on the table. "That concerned me greatly, given the FBI's traditionally independent status in the executive branch". As I wrote in the memo I created immediately after the dinner, it is possible we understood the phrase "honest loyalty" differently, but I decided it wouldn't be productive to push it further. "During our one-on-one meeting at Trump Tower. without him directly asking the question, I offered that assurance".

The back-to-back hearings come as the White House grapples with the fallout from Comey's firing, which led to the appointment of a special counsel to take over the Russian Federation investigation in an effort to prevent even the appearance of Oval Office interference. Comey says the President asked why there had not been any announcement that he was not under investigation, as Comey said he was told that "the cloud" was hampering his work as President. During an MSNBC interview, Christie said Trump's comments to Comey were merely "normal New York City conversation" and represented the president's desire to "get to the bottom of things". There is no evidence on the public record to support this yet.

6 meeting with Trump, Comey told him he was not the subject of a counterintelligence investigation. Comey's silence in this respect left a cloud over the White House.

The ex-FBI director's testimony recounts his conversations with the apparent precision of a veteran lawman.

Norm Eisen, chief ethics counsel for Obama, also views Comey's testimony as a bombshell.

At the same time, one can understand Trump's own exasperation.

Trump was then president-elect.

In that meeting, Trump asked him if he wanted to stay in his job. Then the scandal Washington has compared to Watergate may have petered out into Whatervergate.

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