Police arrest east London man in connection with bridge attacks

The assailants killed seven people and wounded 48 others by ramming a vehicle into a crowd on London Bridge and then stabbing people in nearby Borough Market.

The attackers were shot dead by the police at the scene.

Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, said Butt called him a "Murtad" - traitor in Arabic - when he confronted Choudary about his support of terrorism days after the murder of Lee Rigby in 2013. The issue has become a key one in the run-up to Thursday's general election.

Police yesterday named the third attacker in the weekend terror assault in London amid mounting anger, two days before an election, over how the jihadist killers had apparently escaped surveillance.

The 23-year-old was left with a seven-inch wound from his stomach to his back and was saved by a friend who applied a tourniquet and took him downstairs in a pub. It was unclear if he was detained. "He kept talking about the Islamic State".

He is also alleged to have been an associate of radical hate preacher Anjem Choudary.

The 8th April Stockholm truck attacker was already known to authorities.

But an announcement - made before the Manchester and London Bridge attacks - that they planned to make some of the elderly pay more for their care saw that lead start to shrink, and the trend has continued.

They said he had children and had lived in the area for a number of years. In his spare time, he tried to recruit followers to the Islamic State group - a practice that prompted a neighbor to report him to the police in 2015.

She said police know the identity of the three attackers but will not release them yet because of the ongoing investigation. "That's where the question of resources comes into play". The couple is thought to have split. One of the dead attackers has been pictured wearing an Arsenal shirt. Twelve were later released. Ten men remain in police custody in connection with that attack. Butt and Redouane were named by authorities on Monday.

The 30-year-old was held on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorist acts during a search of a property in Ilford and taken for questioning at a south London police station, Scotland Yard said.

The Italian reports said Zaghba was intercepted at the Bologna airport a year ago as he was about to board a plane for Turkey, apparently with the intention of joining the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria militants in Syria.

"Other people who have called have said they want to volunteer because they're inspired by Chrissy's work", Christiansen said. Amato told Italy's Radio 24 that Zaghba was flagged to British authorities as a "possible suspect".

The organization, which began in 1981, has received about $12,000 in donations since Sunday, by far the most in that short of a time span in its history, Christiansen said. He said the vehicle was seen going the wrong way down a one-way street and was later seen speeding off, followed closely by a small red auto.

Italy has expelled almost 50 people in the past two years who were suspected of extremist activities but for whom there was insufficient evidence to bring formal charges. Repubblica said when he landed in January at Stansted after a 10-day visit in Bologna, his name was verified in the SIS system but he was allowed to go. She also said that funding for counterterrorism efforts had been protected.

"True symbol of the British spirit as man flees terrorist attack clutching his pint", student Henry Slesser (@HenrySlesser) said on Twitter.

Prime Minister Theresa May said the country must do "more, much more" to fight the "evil ideology" of Islamist extremism. A string of opinion polls over the past couple of weeks have pointed to a narrowing in the gap between her Conservative Party and the main opposition Labour Party.

The attack is expected to impact on the election campaign, as Prime Minister Theresa May had reduced police staffing during her tenure as home secretary.

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