Senate Will Repeal Obamacare by End of July

U.S. President Donald Trump has called the Senate to allow legislation to be passed with a simple majority and urged lawmakers to pass healthcare and tax overhauls.

House Republicans - especially Speaker Paul Ryan - have put skin in the game on how to enable Trump's wish to get down to a 20 percent corporate tax rate (though he wants 15) without further exacerbating the federal deficit, but Senate Republicans have panned all of them.

House Minority Leader Darren Jackson of Raleigh said he was pleased that his Republican colleagues didn't agree to Senate provisions, like those restricting eligibility for food stamps.

Trump argued that "Dems would do it, no doubt!"

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst, explained that a total repeal of Obamacare would require 60 votes under Senate rules, leaving republicans eight votes short.

And while Trump might think killing the filibuster would make life easier for him, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell-though he did use the so-called "nuclear option" in order to get Trump's U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch confirmed-has repeatedly ruled out doing the same for other legislative business.

The Senate, however, has invoked the so-called "nuclear option" in the past to get certain nominations - most recently of note Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch - through the Senate by a simple majority vote, but there is now no method for doing so with legislation. As a result, Republicans will be forced to rely on the reconciliation process, which will allow them to "tinker around the edges" of Obamacare in an effort to stem the flow of insurance providers leaving Obamacare exchanges in Iowa. The Senate also seeks much deeper tax cuts than the House wants.

Mr. Trump's reference to "tax cuts" stands in contrast to his own budget, released last week.

"The core of the Senate is the legislative filibuster", McConnell told USA Today in April.

"One thing I'm sure of: It won't be flawless, but if it's better than Obamacare I think we will have fulfilled our promise that we made election after election to repeal Obamacare", Cornyn said.

The American Health Care Act, the House GOP plan to replace Obamacare, was pulled from the floor in March as the party failed to muster enough support to pass it.

Still, key GOP senators have signaled the plan they will craft will have major differences from the House proposal.

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