The astronauts will be able to bake bread in space

The astronauts will be able to bake bread in space

Later, during the space shuttle era and continuing to today on the space station, tortillas have taken the place of loaves as the bread-product of choice. Having freshly baked bread available in space could have a positive impact on people's moods.

"In order to improve astronauts' well-being on long-duration missions such as on a Moon base or on Mars, food plays an essential role", the research team said.

The International Space Station is set to launch a baking experiment in 2018 in which they'll use specially-devised dough with a microgravity oven to create a palatable, but crumb-free bread.

In Houston, Texas, the space giant NASA has publicized its team of 12 astronauts to the world, who will train for the next deep space missions and into Earth orbit. Designed and inspected from all scientific angles, the space bread will not only be filling and fresh, but also safe for the special environment. "I do mostly cake decorating so the concept of trying to frost a cake in space is really cool to think about (and would probably be really amusing to watch) but brownies would probably work the best-the dense fudgey/chewy type of brownie".

Bake In Space will test various approaches on International Space Station during the European Space Agency's Horizon mission in April 2018. All they wanted was a taste of homemade bread, but it all went wrong with breadcrumbs spreading all over the zero-gravity space station!

The experiment called Bake In Space is led by a group of scientists and engineers from Germany, among them former shuttle astronaut Gerhard Thiele. The challenge is to make a crumb-free bread tasty too since this property often means baking tough and chewy bread. "Besides a source for nutrition, the smell of fresh bread evokes memories of general happiness and is an important psychological factor", Gizmodo reported. Given the microgravity environment, the tiny particles can cause problems if they get into electrical systems and ventilation filters. "It is a symbol of recreational time and procedure down on earth".

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