Theresa May visited widest range of seats among party leaders during campaign

Prime Minister Theresa May was riding high when she called a snap election on April 18, having kicked off Brexit proceedings and boasting a double-digit lead over the rival Labour party.

May and her husband Philip were greeted with jeers of "Vote Labour" as they visited a London meat market on Wednesday.

The pound was also under pressure, falling 0.1% against a weakened USA dollar to trade at 1.2896 as the final polls ahead of tomorrow's vote show a firm but narrowing leading for Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party that may be strong enough to deliver an election win but perhaps not decisive enough for her to remain its leader.

But returning to her central message on Brexit - the reason she gave for calling June 8 election 50 days ago - May said that the money which was spent on European Union projects till now could deliver "huge benefits" across the United Kingdom after its withdrawal, due in 2019. The choice is another five years of a Tory government, underfunding of services all across the United Kingdom, including here in Scotland, or a Labour government that invests for all, all across Britain. Corbyn, widely written off at the start of the campaign, has drawn thousands of people to upbeat rallies and energized young voters with his plans to boost public spending after years of Conservative austerity.

The speech marked Mr Corbyn's 84th campaign rally, with a further six events planned across the country over the course of the day, culminating in his Islington North constituency in the evening.

Brexit was consistently the most tweeted-about topic of the campaign, even in the weeks of the Manchester and London terror attacks. The Daily Mail branded him and senior colleagues "apologists for terror", while the Daily Express exhorted: "Vote May or we face disaster".

But the campaign has seen a number of unexpected twists, including the deadliest militant attack in Britain since 2005 and a sharp contraction in May's once commanding lead of over 20 percentage points in opinion polls.

Also, a serving officer writing for The Independent said Saturday's attack was in part a effect of the reductions. The difference depends largely on the size of turnout among young people, traditionally the least likely to vote. Fundamentally that's what you need for security.

One of Corbyn's top allies, Diane Abbott, stepped down temporarily because of illness, the party said Wednesday. In one she said Labour would hire more police officers at a cost of 30 pounds ($39) each.

The devastating terror attacks have also heightened public admiration for the emergency services, which have faced government cuts in recent years.

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