Trump seizes on London attack to push domestic crackdown

Trump seizes on London attack to push domestic crackdown

New remarks from President Trump on Twitter complicate the task of persuading federal judges to lift court-imposed bans that block enforcement of the president's executive order restricting travel from six Muslim countries.

The Islamic State group (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack, but it has not been verified if the terrorist organizations provided support to the three suspects or were trying to parlay the tragedy into further publicity for their propaganda campaign.

Critics say there is little national security justification for the move and the ban is discriminatory.

Legal experts said Trump's tweets on Monday could complicate his legal team's efforts to defend the ban. His Twitter habits certainly give him even more command over the news cycle than presidents already possess: A Trump tweetstorm is now the epitome of must-see social media.

His uncompromising language could complicate matters for administration lawyers charged with defending the travel ban in court.

The courts in January halted Trump's initial order, which banned travel from seven majority-Muslim countries and indefinitely halted entry to Syrian refugees. They also note the government had not ask the Supreme Court to intervene earlier, when lower courts denied emergency applications seeking to lift the injunctions against the travel curbs.

Early in the administration, White House press secretary Sean Spicer outright scolded reporters for labeling Trump's plan a travel ban. Keller added that courts should be careful when second-guessing a president's national security determinations, an argument that echoes the administration's view that the judiciary should defer to the president on such matters.

The constitutionality of that order - which had been revised because his first one failed to pass legal muster - has been found lacking both at the lower and appellate court levels.

The Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) - which Conway appears to be referring to - litigates matters for the US government before the Supreme Court.

"We need to be smart, vigilant and tough", Trump tweeted out.

Federal courts ultimately ruled against the ban, often seizing upon the President's own statements during the campaign - page after page - to hold that the executive order amounted to a Muslim ban in violation of the Constitution's Establishment Clause. His written statements as president, however, are clearly germane.

Yet the president said on Monday that the order is exactly that.

What Khan actually said Sunday was that the public had "no reason to be alarmed" about an increased police presence on the streets - not, as Trump suggests, that they should be nonchalant about terrorism.

While George Conway was shaking a finger at Trump's Twitter behavior, his wife was on the Today show mocking the media's "obsession" with her boss' tweets.

He called the courts "slow and political", Democrats "OBSTRUCTIONISTS" for not approving his appointees fast enough and London Mayor Sadiq Khan's response in the wake of a terror attack a "pathetic excuse".

However Conway's husband, George Conway, a lawyer who withdrew last week from contention for a senior Justice Department job, said in a Twitter message that while Trump's tweets might "make some people feel better", they would not help the government get five votes in the Supreme Court.

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