Amazon Introduces Logins For Teen Shoppers

Amazon Introduces Logins For Teen Shoppers

Amazon has released a new way for parents to control what their teenage children are buying on the shopping website. The catch: parents will be notified of each purchase via text or email, and will, by default, have to approve or deny each one.

The new move could be a seen simply as a bid to give teenagers more freedom.

When making purchases, teens can even add a note to their parents, such as "I need this book for school".

Teen logins allow teens to shop on their own and parents approve the order with a simple text. Teens get greater freedom and parents still get itemized notifications of orders. Parents also get to set spending limits. The logic is that these teens will continue to shop through Amazon on their own once they become adults. The parent will need to setup the shipping address and payment method, after which point an invitation is sent back to the teen. Amazon, which already offered discounted Amazon Music Unlimited service for college students in the past, is now discounting its Prime service, as well. Amazon won't require age verifications to sign up for the new program and the company didn't create a limited set of items specifically for teens, other than legal restrictions on certain products, such as beer. For now, parents with Prime membership can share Prime two-day shipping, Prime Video and Twitch Prime with their teens' accounts. Now Amazon is giving that first solo-buying experience a digital makeover.

To get the ball rolling, parents must enter their kids' contact information, and indicate which of their payment cards is to be used for purchases. "I think this is the direction a lot of these companies are going in just to help parents and teens stay more connected in a safe way".

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