Amazon Planning How to Get in Your Car Trunk, Home for Deliveries

Amazon Planning How to Get in Your Car Trunk, Home for Deliveries

The company is talking to smart license plate company Phrame, which makes a small key storage box that fits around a car's license plate.

CNBC reported, citing a person familiar with the deal, that Amazon is in advanced talks for a partnership with Phrame, a maker of "smart" license plates that will allow items to be delivered to a customer's vehicle trunk.

Amazon has nearly perfected speedy delivery to your home. This is similar to solutions other retailers, including Walmart, have tested out with letting drivers inside the front door of customer's homes, although in-trunk delivery is something of a new spin on the idea.

The Seattle-based company is looking to develop in-home delivery via a smartphone-operated lock that permits delivery personnel one-time access to drop off the parcels, CNBC said, citing anonymous company sources.

Amazon is also testing its own delivery service that intends to make more products available for free two-day delivery.

All this focus on in-home delivery is not without reason. But more recently, it's interested in ensuring deliveries actually arrive at their final destinations.

Online retailing behemoth Inc.

This initiative is created to fight unattended delivery thefts. Amazon also has an incentive to reduce the number of lost packages, as they can be costly.

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