First Samsung, now Apple plans foldable smartphone with help from LG

First Samsung, now Apple plans foldable smartphone with help from LG

Samsung is Apple's biggest challenger in smartphones, but Cupertino still had to go to Samsung Display for the OLED on the iPhone X. Choosing LG instead could be a way for Apple to distance itself from its rival, avoiding technology leakage and keeping money out of Samsung Group. However, we also heard this year that Samsung's foldable Galaxy X would launch before the Galaxy Note 8, and obviously that didn't happen, which calls into question the expectation for a foldable phone next year.

That rivalry may, however, start to overshadow their partnership soon.

Korean site The Investor reports that LG Display is developing a foldable OLED screen for the new model, which could be in production by 2020. There were rumors that Samsung was also working on a smart device with a similarly foldable display.

Beyond the rumored production date, no other hints about Apple's foldable smartphone have surfaced.

Industry sources claim that production could begin from 2020.

Apple's edge-to-edge iPhone X is still a few weeks from release, but the firm is already turning its attention to a new form factor, reports have claimed. In case you aren't aware, Kuo is widely regarded as a credible source for all things Apple.

Critics have pointed out plateauing iPhone sales in recent quarters, but Apple Inc. Since the first prototype was created, the display maker has reportedly been improving its yield rate and the durability of the panels.

Apple is secretly working on a revolutionary folding iPhone - which could unfold into a larger iPad-style device. Samsung is expected to launch their flexible smartphone in 2018. It wouldn't be the first time we saw Apple take something someone else invented and ideal it to an extent where we actually think that it is an innovation.

Samsung is now the sole manufacturer of the OLED displays, NAND flash and DRAM chip in quantities required by Apple for its iPhones.

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