Maria Chappelle-Nadal, censured Missouri state senator, compares Trump to Hitler

Maria Chappelle-Nadal, censured Missouri state senator, compares Trump to Hitler

Maria Chappelle-Nadal, the Missouri state senator who gleefully said she hopes President Trump gets assassinated, has posted a sickening Nazi meme on Twitter.

The Democratic politician made the comparison over Twitter using a highly criticized Dove ad which shows a black woman removing a t-shirt and transform into a white woman.

Ms. Chappelle-Nadal, a Democrat, posted a meme of Mr. Trump taking off a shirt and becoming Hilter.

Trump's tweet came amid widespread press reports that Puerto Ricans have not gotten the aid they need because corrupt, inept mayors and locals officials have not disbursed the shiploads of food, water, and medical supplies the federal government sent after Hurricane Maria.

Chappelle-Nadal's mother is from Puerto Rico, and she has tweeted about her family still on the storm-ravaged island. "Then ask yourself why you have different qualifications for a black woman of Puerto Rican descent than other people putting up a meme with no words".

While claiming she's a "servant of God", Chappelle-Nadal also defiantly declared: "There is no way in hell that I'm resigning!"

Chappelle-Nadal said the meme had been circulating among some in St. Louis who are protesting white supremacy and inequities in policing.

But Chappelle-Nadal is standing by her tweet. "It's old and support the protesters fighting against brutality", she told the Springfield News-Leader.

Additionally, she has deemed Trump responsible for "illness, death, and despair" in Puerto Rico, while adding that Americans will "see more of it in the long-term".

According to the St. Louis-Post Dispatch, two GOP politicans from the state have condemned Chappelle-Nadal's actions in public statements - one calling her actions "shameful", another saying her post was "disgusting". Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, and Shalonn "Kiki" Curls, D-Kansas City - did not go along with the plan.

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