Microsoft Releases Edge For iOS and Android

Microsoft Releases Edge For iOS and Android

Check your contacts and pin the most important ones to your Home screen. However, it also provides more integration with Microsoft services; such as allowing the user to continue viewing pictures or webpages across both PC and mobile. With things like OneDrive documents or Outlook emails, you can access the options and have that appear back on your PC. Will you use Microsoft Edge on your android/iOS device? We think it's the most lovely (based on Fluent design), customizable, powerful launcher available. To get started with downloading Edge on iOS, you'll have to sign up via a desktop running a recent Windows Insider build on this page, and providing Microsoft with your Apple ID.

Microsoft has dabbled in Android launchers before with their Arrow Launcher developed in Microsoft Garage, the company's experimental playground.

It's worth noting, however, that this isn't the vanilla Edge experience: the iOS version of the app will make use of Apple's WebKit rendering engine, while the Android version will use Chromium instead.

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) opens preview versions of its Edge browser in iOS and Microsoft Launcher to Android. If not, what do you think the best mobile browser is?

At its core, Microsoft Edge on iOS is basically just like any other browser.

Belfiore affirmed the Continue on PC feature's Windows 10 dependency in this Twitter post.

In the wake of today's surprise announcement about Microsoft bringing Edge to Android and iOS, the software giant has issued guidance to developers about how they should handle the new browsers.

The article does indicate that there's a big update coming though so be prepared to receive that update notification from the Play Store soon.

The customizable Feed that you can set up with Microsoft Launcher is great however, one disappointment is that the To Do list is not tied into the Microsoft To Do app.

For whatever it's worth, Microsoft continues to bring its browser to different platforms.

For the most part, the Microsoft Launcher does what most Android launchers do.

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