Microsoft reveals Edge browser and new Launcher for Android

Microsoft reveals Edge browser and new Launcher for Android

As with similar browser apps, the Edge app will allow users to access their Favorites, Reading List, New Tab Page and Reading View settings on their smartphones making it a bit more convenient to switch from their PC to smartphone.

Seeing as this is a preview build of Edge for mobile devices, there are some features that it's launching without.

Since this latest mobile incarnation of Microsoft Edge is now in beta, you won't find tab syncing (which is a big omission) or support for pen highlighting (which would come in handy with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil). Pressing on the new tab icon will show you a plus icon for a new tab, a preview of everything you now have open, along with options to close all or switch to InPrivate mode. Everyone that's on the Arrow Launcher beta will get the Microsoft Launcher automatically today.

On Android, Microsoft is rebranding the Arrow app launcher as the Microsoft Launcher.

Apart from Microsoft Edge, Belfiore writes that the company is releasing the Microsoft Launcher for Android, also in beta.

Microsoft Edge is already available on Windows 10 Mobile, but that's a dying platform. The design of the launch is pretty simple and clean (and it's pretty quick based on first impressions), but feels a little out of place on Android if you ask me.

Microsoft just announced that it will bring its Edge browser to iOS and Android, starting with new preview apps on both platforms. "And Microsoft Edge for iOS should match the version of Safari that is now available for iOS".

And while it basically proves we're living in an alternate, doomed timeline, the new (ish) browser looks like it has a cool idea or two baked inside. Microsoft's version of the Google Feed, that left-most homescreen on your Android device, is actually quite useful, too, and puts your calendar and other info front and center whereas Google now uses it for a general news feed.

Android users can sign up to receive an Edge preview notification when it arrives in Google Play Store. Once you connect your Microsoft Account, you can use Microsoft Edge's Continue on PC feature to open a link from your phone on your PC.

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