Microsoft's Edge Browser Is Headed to iOS, Android

Microsoft's Edge Browser Is Headed to iOS, Android

You can find the application page here, but so far it has only been available in a preview build and is said to not be considered final or even stable.

Alas, Microsoft has announced today that they are bringing Edge to both Android and iOS which means that the company is now building Edge with also a WebKit rendering engine on iOS and Chromium engine on Android. Will you use Microsoft Edge on your android/iOS device?

Moreover, the company says users will find plenty of familiar features from Edge's Windows 10 release, including favourites and reading view. The Microsoft Edge browser is being released today in a preview state for iOS with the Android version slated to be available "soon" while the Microsoft Launcher preview is available starting today. If they are reading a new article or working on a doc on their mobile phone, they can click a button and transfer it automatically to their PC so they can continue working on it at their computer.

Based on what little we've seen of them, the Edge app and Microsoft Launcher appear to be decent-enough apps, but we doubt they'll see too much use. Microsoft made that somewhat surprising announcement today, and also revealed that it has renamed its older Arrow Launcher for Android, which first launched in 2015; it's now called the Microsoft Launcher. You can not trick Microsoft as they would check the Windows 10 version by opening Edge on PC. You'll have to download Apple's Testflight app from the App Store and be running iOS9 or later on your device to proceed.

You can join the Microsoft Launcher Preview here.

At that time it was their goal to replace the more complex launchers on Android to simplify the Android launcher experience.

The Washington state-headquartered company also introduced Microsoft Launcher, formerly Arrow Launcher, for Android.

If you want to test Microsoft Edge on your smartphone all you need to do is join the Windows Insider program for free - source link below.

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