Missing mother and son found after 10 days lost in the bush

Missing mother and son found after 10 days lost in the bush

And police say if it wasn't for Bear Grylls' popular bush survival show the young boy and his mother may not have survived, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The 40-year-old woman and her nine-year-old boy entered the Mount Royal National Park east of Singleton and became disorientated.

'They licked the moisture off plants to help keep hydrated.

It is believed the pair had not advised anyone where they were going when they set out on a bushwalk.

'It's quite fantastic the way they've managed to gather water, they made reference to Bear Grylls'.

'The body does some unusual things when put into stressful situations, ' NSW Ambulance Inspector Steenson said.

Their family reported them missing two days later after they didn't return.

NSW Ambulance Inspector Andrew Steenson said "it was really good to find them in such good physical shape".

He added that the mother and son had stayed alive by using leaves to collect water, removing ticks and leeches from each other, sharing one pair of shoes and tying grass around trees to mark where they were.

The pair were admitted to Singleton Hospital with dehydration and inspect bites.

Police located auto three days ago and launched a full-scale search of the area with the help of SES volunteers, NSW Ambulance and National Parks and Wildlife.

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