Now Blake Lively reveals she has been a victim of sexual harassment

Now Blake Lively reveals she has been a victim of sexual harassment

Following the allegations levelled at Harvey Weinstein in recent days, more and more men and women within Hollywood have come forward with their own experiences of sexual harassment and molestation, and Blake Lively is the latest in a fearless list.

Blake came forward with her own sexual harassment story about her former makeup artist.

While talking to a leading USA publication, Lively said, "He was saying things inappropriately, insisting on putting my lipstick on with his finger. I was clothed, but it was a very voyeuristic, terrifying thing to do", Lively continued.

She told the publication that after reporting what happened to producers, nothing was done. "This is very serious and we can't have this happen again", she was told.

Despite complaining about the make-up artists's behaviour to the project's producers for several months, the mother-of-two revealed no action was taken.

Lively then chose to pursue legal action and told her lawyer.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, the 30-year-old spoke out about the regular harassment she faced by a makeup artist with whom she once worked. "Our unit production manager wrote him a letter of recommendation because nobody wanted there to be bad blood", said added. "I never heard any stories like this-I never heard anything specific-but it's devastating to hear".

In the fallout of the many allegations of sexual misconduct against movie producer Harvey Weinstein, actors ranging from James Van Der Beek to Tippi Hedren have shared their own stories of harassment in Hollywood. "I do believe in humanity enough to think that this wouldn't have just continued", Lively told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday.

Almost 30 women have come forward against Weinstein, 65, following the publication of exposés by both the New York Times and the New Yorker.

The Weinstein scandal has revealed women (and men) in the business are still being harassed. It's important that there is an uprising.

Like many others, the star has also spoken out about Weinstein, who is now in Arizona seeking treatment.

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