This is Oculus Go: Standalone VR for just $199

This is Oculus Go: Standalone VR for just $199

One of the big features of Santa Cruz is its inside-out tracking, meaning that the headset won't require external sensors like the Oculus Rift now does.

Oculus Go will cost $199, which is $70 cheaper than Gear VR and $200 cheaper than Rift. "And we need to make sure that VR is accessible to everyone".

When Oculus' new headset becomes available to developers it'll also ship with 6 DoF controllers which look quite similar to Microsoft's design. There are expensive, best-in-class, desktop-based solutions like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift that are stunning, but require lots of wires and an expensive computer. Mobile VR headsets like the Gear VR are nice, but they don't offer the same immersion. Now, there's a third option: the standalone Oculus Go, and coming soon, the Oculus Santa Cruz.

There are also built-in speakers, which will support spatial audio natively. A new fabric has been used for where the headset meets your face, and it's said to be softer and more breathable; the elastic straps are said to be more adjustable than before. However the full consumer launch will follow on next year.

In an official announcement, Oculus called its Oculus Go headset the "easiest way to experience VR".

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