Turkey must take 'own measures' in Idlib: Erdogan

Turkey must take 'own measures' in Idlib: Erdogan

Play 01:37 The first footage from tsk Idlib, Turkish special forces entered region last night, following announcement that TSK's reconnaissance teams entered Idlib.

Turkish news media reported that the vehicles carrying the troops crossed into Idlib province late on Thursday.

The Turkish military activity in Idlib aims at establishing a "de-escalation zone" in the region, the written statement said.

Civilians there are living in fear of potential clashes between Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army fighters and Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham, an alliance of armed groups that controls Idlib. Turkey sent a convoy of about 30 military vehicles into rebel-held northwest Syria through the Bab al-Hawa crossing in Idlib, according to sources. Russia, Syria and Turkey have been discussing a deal for the Turkish involvement.

The de-escalation zone is part of an agreement between Turkey, which backs forces battling the government of President Bashar al-Assad, and Iran and Russian Federation, which support his government.

They agreed on four such ceasefire zones in Syria as a prelude to negotiations.

The operation is part of efforts by Turkey, along with Russian Federation and Iran, to set up a de-escalation zone in line with accords in the Astana peace process aimed at ending the Syrian civil war.

The conflict in Syria began with widespread protests against the government in 2011 but has since evolved into a multi-front war that has killed more than 330,000 people.

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