Vehicle left family's home after missing 3-year-old put outside

Vehicle left family's home after missing 3-year-old put outside

Mathews went outside about 15 minutes later to check on her, but Sherin was gone, the affidavit states.

Police said Tuesday's search of the home a "natural progression of the investigation", WFAA reported.

Sherin Mathews, who has developmental issues and limited verbal communication skills, was last seen outside her family's backyard in Richardson, Dallas.

Although Wesley was arrested by the police and booked for abandoning the child, he was later let off on bond. He was later arrested on a charge of child endangerment.

WFAA-TV reports that Richardson police said that the Amber Alert was discontinued due to a lack of leads.

RICHARDSON- It's been five days since three-year-old Sherin Mathews was reported missing, and the community is still looking for answers.

The Mathews family has been relatively quiet during the search process.

"Why was the last sighting at 3 o'clock and the parents not call us until after 8 a.m".

"Right now, we're going through all that", Perlich explained.

"She did cooperate with the police and the fact that there may be conversations that occurred between Wesley and a third party.she is not aware of those".

Child Protective Services has dealt with the Matthews prior to this incident, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services spokeswoman Marissa Gonzales told the USA Today Network.

Mathews reportedly went back to "do laundry" assuming that Sherin might return back home by morning.

"I saw her on the news and learned about yesterday that she was left outside and wanted to come out and see if I could help", Casey Urqhart told KXAS-TV. "It's a little girl, you know".

Police were checking on registered sex offenders in the area who might be connected to Sherin's disappearance, but noted there was no evidence she had been kidnapped.

Despite lack of new information, police are still searching for Williams. She was last seen wearing a pink top and black pajama bottoms on October 7.

Sherin is described as 3-feet tall and 22 pounds with black hair. Anyone with information is asked to call 911.

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