Was Ivanka Trump Almost Indicted? A New Report Says Yes

Vance returned that $25,000 before the meeting May 2012 meeting occurred, but the investigation was dropped in the following months, and Kasowitz made another $32,000 contribution to Vance's re-election campaign in January of 2013.

But prosecutors never got any evidence, and a Wednesday report said they also dropped a related August 2012 investigation into whether Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump misled potential buyers. But Marc Kasowitz, Donald Trump's personal attorney, was able to secure a meeting with Vance himself.

"I did not, at the time, believe beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime had been committed", Vance told reporters for the news organizations.

But Kasowitz made it clear saying that his donations to Vance were unrelated to the case. "[There was] no doubt they approved, knew of, agreed to, and intentionally inflated the numbers to make more sales", said one anonymous source close to the incident. In June 2008, Ivanka Trump publicly announced that the building had sold 60 percent of the building's units.

But neither figures were true.

Vance said he did not make a final decision until three months later, after several more discussions with his team of prosecutors about the evidence, including incriminating emails gathered through a subpoena supporting the theory that the Trumps had exaggerated sales.

The congressman also called on the Federal Bureau of Investigation to look into a report that the couple, both of whom are now White House employees, transferred personal email accounts to computers run out of the Trump Organization after it became clear lawmakers were looking into the matter, NBC News reported.

Vance's campaign told the reporters that he had returned the $25,000 contribution just before the 2012 meeting. Vance told the news organizations he plans to give back that donation-more than four years after it was made.

In one e-mail, the Trumps discussed the false information they had given to prospective buyers, according to the New Yorker story, which cites 20 sources familiar with the investigation, as well as court records and other public documents.

The Trump Soho hotel is seen in New York, December 6, 2016.

Kasowitz later crowed that "the case was "really risky", one person said, and that it was "amazing I got them off". He said he's "never made a contribution to anyone's campaign, including Cy Vance's, as a "quid-pro-quo" for anything".

After a two-year investigation, the DA instructed his underlings to drop the case.

From a prosecutorial perspective, the decision not to pursue the case against Ivanka and Don Trump Jr. was defensible.

According to ProPublica, the Trump SoHo went into foreclosure in 2014, and only 33 percent of units have been sold, while a creditor has taken over ownership.

Trump Jr.: Yes I Sought Dirt from Russians to Determine Hillary Clinton's "Fitness" for Office.

With the opening of the development coinciding with the financial crash in September 2007, properties were not selling, but the Trumps allegedly claimed the opposite.

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