Amazon Music app adds Chromecast support

Amazon Music app adds Chromecast support

The Amazon Music app has been around for years and has supported connecting to a number of external devices for music playback.

I would personally buy one of the Google speakers from John Lewis as they have a good reputation for warranties. Thanks to that new support, Android users are able to cast the Amazon Music content to any device that supports Google Cast, including the venerable Chromecast itself. It was spotted first by TechHive and only appears to be available for the Android version of the app. It's also not of much interest to Amazon Prime members who already get Amazon Music Unlimited included in their package. The app was last updated November 13, 2017. Amazon has also added Alexa right within the app, so you can now tap the Alexa button and ask the AI assistant to find music by a particular artist, music in an album or a playlist, or play music by lyrics.

This is one of the few, recent bright spots in the tumultuous Amazon-Google relationship. Even today, you can not buy a Chromecast or Google Home from Amazon-and searches for either of those devices bring up Amazon equivalents including the Fire TV and various Echo devices.

Home Mini is now cheaper than Echo Dot
GOOGLEHome Mini is now cheaper than Echo Dot

The Amazon Music app was last updated on Google Play on November 13; the changelog shows that, among other things, the music streaming app now officially supports Google Chromecast.

Chromecast Support: You can now select music on your Android device, and have the music play on your Chromecast enabled devices.

After months of neglect, it looks like Google has finally made its mind to release the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Google Assistant to Android tablets. Although it arrived without Google Cast support, hopefully that's only a matter of time now.

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