China sending envoy to North Korea

China sending envoy to North Korea

Chinese President Xi Jinping is dispatching a special envoy to visit North Korea this week, a week after he hosted USA counterpart Donald Trump in Beijing.

"North Korea is a rogue nation which has become a great threat and embarrassment to China, which is trying to help but with little success", the president said in September.

The trip to Pyongyang by Song Tao, the head of the global department at the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, comes after Xi and his US counterpart Donald Trump held a summit in Beijing last week.

On Donald Trump's recent trip to South Korea, the USA president toned down his rhetoric and urged North Korea to come to the table and "make a deal".

China, regarded as a close ally of North Korea and its largest trading partner, insists that it is implementing all UN Security Council sanctions against Pyongyang and calls for resumption of dialogue on denuclearisation of Korean Peninsula.

China sending envoy to North Korea
China sending envoy to North Korea

"And hopefully China will act faster and more effectively on this problem than anyone", he said.

Chinese banks have stopped dealing with North Korea after the U.S. unilaterally sanctioned the Bank of Dandong.

It would mark the first trip to the North by a ministerial-level Chinese official since October 2015, when ranking party official Liu Yunshan visited Pyongyang to watch a military parade to mark the ruling party's founding anniversary.

During his visit to Beijing, Mr Trump asked Mr Xi to "work very hard" on North Korea. The department is by tradition responsible for handling relations with fellow socialist countries such as North Korea.

China is sending a high-level special envoy to North Korea.

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