Declawing procedure for cats now banned in Denver

Declawing procedure for cats now banned in Denver

The Denver City Council passed the measure banning declawing cats within city limits on Monday.

City Council member Kendra Black proposed the ban, saying that declawing is a cruel procedure and actually severs the tips of the toes of cats.

If the bill passes, it will become illegal to declaw cats in the city.

Most veterinarians already say they won't perform a declaw surgery for an owner's vanity.

Many veterinarians offer elective declawing in suburban Denver. In those special cases, Denver will allow the procedure. Cats may also have to be declawed for medical reasons.

"A decision to declaw a cat is affected by many human and animal factors", Andre said at a public hearing November 6. "The well-being of the animal and their human family is best defended by providing owners with education about alternatives to declawing, appropriate training for family cats, and well-informed discussions between that pet owner and their veterinary medicine provider".

In the US, declawing is prohibited in the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Berkeley, Beverly Hills, Culver City, West Hollywood, and Burbank. Declawing bans are also common in most of Europe.

Declawing, or onychectomy, is an amputation and should be regarded as a major surgery, according to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. Backers of bans in California, however, point to statistics in those cities that show no spikes in cat intakes at shelters.

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