Doomsday Warning To Humanity Is Signed By 15K Scientists

Doomsday Warning To Humanity Is Signed By 15K Scientists

The 1992 letter also listed multiple actions that needed to be taken to "restore and protect the integrity of the earth's systems". The letter chronicled environmental impressions and compared them to biblical plagues like stratospheric ozone exhaustion, air and water contamination, the disintegration of fisheries and diminution of soil productivity, deforestation, species loss and awful global climate change engendered by the burning of fossil fuels. That letter was signed by 1,700 scientists on behalf of the Union of Concerned Scientists, highlighting how the environment was suffering from "critical stresses" as a result of human behavior, including ozone and water depletion, destruction of forests and oceans, loss of soil productivity and living species, and overpopulation.

In a communique published Monday in the journal BioScience, more than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries assess the world's latest responses to various environmental threats.

"Humanity has failed to make sufficient progress in generally solving these foreseen environmental challenges, and alarmingly, majority are getting far worse", they write. Scientists predict many current life forms could be annihilated or near extinction by the end of this century.

The letter did, however, praise the substantial decrease in ozone-depleting substances as one of the few positive environmental changes since the 1992 letter was published. According to Newsweek, scientists revealed this month that the hole in the ozone layer, which hovers above Antarctica, is the smallest it has been since 1988.

Taking such actions, they conclude, are necessary to avert "widespread misery and catastrophic biodiversity loss".

Such activities could include establishing more terrestrial and marine reserves, strengthening enforcement of anti-poaching laws and restraints on wildlife trade, expanding family planning and educational programs for women, promoting a dietary shift toward plant-based foods and massively adopting renewable energy and other "green" technologies.

"Scientists are in the business of analyzing data and looking at the long-term consequences", Ripple said in a release.

This second warning letter comes as world leaders have been meeting for the past two weeks at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany.

More than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries worldwide, including scores from MA universities, have signed a letter warning that Earth's environment is on the road to destruction.

The scientists said that especially troubling was the "current trajectory of potentially catastrophic climate change".

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Ripple and his colleagues have formed a new independent organisation, the Alliance of World Scientists, to be a collective voice on environmental sustainability and human well-being.

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