Facebook Stories Replacing Messenger Day with Coordinated Cross-Posting

Facebook Stories Replacing Messenger Day with Coordinated Cross-Posting

Facebook then chose to launch a similar feature to its main app called Facebook Stories, then to WhatsApp called Status, as well as on its Messenger app called Messenger Day. Gone are the days of tediously reuploading your Story on each and every platform and app on your phone; you can now choose to upload your Story to both Facebook and Messenger at the very same time, or have your Instagram story instantly appear across all your feeds.

Capitalising on the shortfalls of Snapchat Stories, Facebook aims to enable greater interaction across the app, thereby creating sharing opportunities for its users form different demographics and encourage original content sharing, rather than generic link sharing.

What this means is that the Stories you see in the main Facebook app are the same ones that you see in the Messenger app. Views on both platforms will be synced as well. The Facebook is shutting its Messenger Day stories and merging them with the Facebook stories. Having separate versions for Facebook and Messenger made no sense anyway and might be one of the reasons why they're nowhere near as successful as their counterpart on Instagram.

As per the reports of yesterday, Facebook stories are being renovated. "They'll be able to post while inside Events and Groups, or get the option to share there on the Facebook Stories share sheet", said Connor Hayes, Facebook's product manager, as quoted by TechCrunch.

"Anyone who is a part of a Facebook group will be able to come together with multiple creators on one Story to tell the Story of what's going on with the group on a daily basis", Hayes told me. Users can contribute to a Story for an event like a wedding and this will be open to the rest of the group. The new feature allows members to contribute Stories that can only be viewed by the members of the group or event, a flawless feature for private functions such as parties, and weddings. The company recently took steps to address that by adding the ability to cross-post Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories.

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