Greggs has apologised for replacing baby Jesus with a sausage roll

Greggs has apologised for replacing baby Jesus with a sausage roll

"They should donate every penny of their profits to @salvationarmyuk".

The company is this year giving its fans a chance to enjoy varieties of its sweet and savoury treats and has released its very own special range of advert calendars.

The calendar does not contain any treats behind the doors.

A Greggs spokeswoman told The Northern Echo: 'We're really sorry to have caused any offence, this was never our intention'. And its contents are reckoned to be worth, at retail prices, between £35 and £60. Gift cards are valid for up to 12 months.

People who believe in the Jesus things were right pissed off about replacing the famous stable-born baby with a sausage roll in order to sell a calendar and some coffees, so much so that Greggs has been forced to do a serious-face, puffed-out-bottom-lip apology.

Simon Richards of The Freedom Organisation said: "Please boycott @GreggsOfficial to protest against its sick anti-Christian Advent Calendar".

The photograph "was one of a number of publicity photos for the calendar, including a Santa with flakes of pastry in his beard, a Greggs shop in a snow globe and a woman puckering up to kiss what appears to be a chicken slice under the mistletoe", says The Independent.

"What cowards these people are: we all know that they would never dare insult other religions!"

Then again, didn't one of the three wise men bring sausage rolls as a gift for Jesus?

However, food critic Jay Rayner said: "This is appalling. this is a Jew I strongly. ooh, Greggs sausage roll..."

The Advent calendar goes on sale in some Greggs stores on Monday costing £24.

"It's the flawless Christmas gift for every Greggs fan", he said.

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