MMA legend Michael Bisping plans to retire in March at UFC London

MMA legend Michael Bisping plans to retire in March at UFC London

Silva, who was scheduled to meet Kelvin Gastelum at UFC Fight Night 122 later this month in China, faces a possible lengthy suspension with his being his second failed test.

The former UFC champion and pioneer British MMA fighter was stripped of his title by Georges St-Pierre ten days ago, but has already lined up his next fight.

Bisping stunned the MMA world when he agreed to replace Silva in China less than two weeks after losing to GSP in NY. Are those odds accurate?

Earlier this evening, "The Spider" issued a statement on his removal from the UFC Shanghai fight card.

Chris Weidman
MMA legend Michael Bisping plans to retire in March at UFC London

At one stage it looked like he might be gone for good, but finally, a comeback fight was announced, and rather than just looking to conquer his old weight class, the Canadian superstar opted to move up to challenge Michael Bisping for the middleweight title instead. [The doctor] kind of did tell me, it's nearly the equivalent of doing an ACL on a knee.

'I would love to be a part of that to say thank you to the British people who supported me and have my last fight there, ' Bisping told MMA Fighting. "I've always wanted my last fight to be in England". "I can't express my feelings and how sad I am, because we all invest love, passion and time in this camp, I don't know exactly the plans of GOD for me, but anyway, I can only thank him and all of you, for the love and affection, nothing is more gratifying at this moment than having you by my side", Silva wrote. Not because of fame or money, it's because I love to fight. "I'm not really sure how long it's going to be". "Contrary to popular belief, with GSP saying I'm an angry man, I'm a very happy man". There's no telling. I guess it's a unique injury.

"I'm taking this fight just (because) you're only as good as your last fight, and last week's fight didn't go according to plan".

'That wasn't the plan, but circumstances have put me in this situation'.

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