PM Narendra Modi arrives in Philippines for Asean, East Asia summits

"I will also have interactions with other ASEAN and East Asia Summit Leaders", Modi said in his departure statement.

On November 13, the Prime Minister will attend the ASEAN business and investment summit.

While in Manila for the ASEAN meeting, the South Korean leader will also hold bilateral talks with the leaders of the Philippines and Singapore.

In his maiden visit to the Philippines as the prime minister, Modi will also attend a reception by the Indian community and visit the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and Mahavir Philippines Foundation.

Duterte conducted his first state visit as president in Indonesia, where he was received by Widodo, in September previous year.

It also provided emergency response units such as search, rescue, and retrieval units and ambu-medic units to provide rescue and health support to delegates and all deployed forces.

In a statement on Saturday, Modi said it will be his first bilateral visit to the ASEAN member state. The ASEAN region along with India together comprises combined population of 1.85 billion people, which is one fourth of the global population and their combined GDP has been estimated at over United States dollars 3.8 trillion.

Shortly after Widodo's arrival, the plane carrying Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak touched the tarmac at 12:45 in the afternoon. The meeting will be held on the sidelines of ASEAN.

President Joko Widodo has arrived in Philippine on Sunday (11/12/2017) to attend the 31st ASEAN Summit series in the capital Manila.

The thorny issue of China's aggressive military maneuver in the disputed South China Sea, North Korea's nuclear missile tests and overall security architecture in the region will come up for discussion during the ASEAN summit on Tuesday, diplomats said. Trump on Friday praised India's "astounding" growth after it opened up its economy and also lauded Modi, saying he has been working successfully to bring the vast country and its people together.

While traditionally the Asia Pacific region has been a US-centric concept, the Indo-Pacific region has been an India-centric concept that has found increased acceptance in the Indian policy panels in recent years.

The use of the term "Indo-Pacific" by Trump has led to speculation that it may have something to do with Washington preparing the ground for a revival of the so-called Quadrilateral strategic alliance between the US, Japan, Australia and India to counter China's rise.

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