Police release new video of suspect in Seminole Heights killings

Police release new video of suspect in Seminole Heights killings

Police say they now have a better description of the suspect after the fourth killing.

Police released a short video clip on Wednesday of a person they are now calling a suspect in the four murders in Seminole Heights.

Police have increased patrols in the area and released surveillance videos of a hooded suspect following the previous three shootings.

"Look how they're looking at their phone", Dugan said, adding that the individual could be "able to put that away, hit a switch and go out and gun someone down". "Make sure your video is up and running". "We need to speak to this person", said Dugan.

Dugan says the footage was recorded just moments before the latest shooting of 60-year-old Ronald Felton on Tuesday morning.

A witness told police that if he'd been there just seconds earlier, he would have been able to stop the shooting.

All of the October victims were either getting on or off a city bus, or were at a bus stop when they were shot, police said.

The reward for information that leads police to the killer is now up to $91,000. "You couldn't go 100 yards without being stopped by an officer". "I don't need profiles", interim Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said at a press conference. Chief Dugan asked Seminole Heights residents who own guns to check and make sure their guns are at home.

In October, three people were shot and killed within five days of each other with the cases remaining unsolved. "I repeat, were are now calling this person a suspect and we need to know who this person is".

Police have been hesitant to use the words "serial killer", but are working on the assumption that the murders are related and that the victims were chosen at random.

Dugan described the suspect as a black male between 6 feet and 6 feet 2 inches with a thin build and a light complexion. Pretty convinced they have done at least two, but this is our suspect.

The chief seized on the casual manner in which the person in both videos appears to be walking. After the first killing, the October 9 shooting death of 22-year-old Benjamin Mitchell, police released surveillance video of an individual flipping and repeatedly staring at a cell phone shortly after Mitchell was killed, labeling the subject as a person of interest.

Seminole Heights is a working-class neighbourhood northeast of Tampa that's slowly becoming gentrified where run-down homes sit next to renovated, historic bungalows.

Anthony Naiboa, an autistic 20-year-old who had just graduated from high school, became the third victim when he accidentally got on the wrong bus and ended up in the neighborhood by mistake, police said.

"We all appreciate the heavy police coverage", he said. "We will hunt this person down until we find them".

Neighbours have also revealed how they're now living in fear following the latest killing, not knowing who is committing the crime.

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