Women, revamp your diet today. You're more prone to diabetes

Women, revamp your diet today. You're more prone to diabetes

With 72.9 million people now living with diabetes, India is known as the world capital for the disease.

Type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition, so worsens over time, meaning some people will need more medication to control it as it progresses. Type 1 Diabetes Drug market report will help you take informed decisions, understand opportunities, plan effective business strategies, plan new projects, analyse drivers and restraints and give you a vision on the industry forecast.

Clare (not her real name), 26, says she had to quit her job as a management consultant as a direct result of her diabetes. But, adults suffering type 1 diabetes can find it harder to recognise their symptoms.

Because diet is an essential aspect in order to lower blood sugar levels, it is important to know the foods that can aid you in reaching your target.

She says her employers "never sat down and talked to me about it".

Part of her way of dealing with the condition is wearing a diabetes monitoring patch, which is sometimes visible on her upper-arm, depending on what she is wearing.

Ms Fleming said more needs to be done to help sufferers. "The risk of complications for younger persons with type-2 diabetes is twofold to threefold higher than type-1 diabetes", says Dr Nikhil Tandon, professor and head of endocrinology and metabolism, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, which is partnering in the registry.

One person every two minutes is diagnosed with diabetes and nearly 3.5 million people in the United Kingdom have the disease - more than double the level 20 years ago.

And it's a life-changing diagnosis.

Trips to the toilet can break up a night's sleep.

Overly-low levels of blood sugar can make you feel shaky, moody and exhausted, sweat, look pale, give you a headache or make you unable to concentrate. It is advisable for diabetic patients to maintain their blood pressure and cholesterol as risk of cardiovascular diseases are higher in these patients.

However, whereas a healthier lifestyle can often reverse the symptoms in people with type 2 diabetes, it does not have the same dramatic effect on type 1 diabetes.

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Claire Fleming, acting national director at Diabetes Scotland, said: "Diabetes affects more than 291,000 people in Scotland and is the fastest-growing health crisis of our time".

Odeniyi, who is also an Honorary Consultant Endocinologist at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), said that most people believed that someone with diabetes must be on a special diet.

Healthcare professionals can provide help and support.

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