You'll soon be able to post Instagram Stories from the web

You'll soon be able to post Instagram Stories from the web

You'll only be able to upload still photos and customization options are limited to text captions in a variety of colors.

To use it, just open Messenger and tap the camera icon; snap a selfie or video; add any art, text, or effects you like; tap the arrow button in the bottom-right corner and select "My Day" to add it to your story. But videos and the rest of Instagram's creative tools like doodling, stickers, location tags, polls, and more are still just in the native apps.

Facebook-owned Instagram introduced its Stories for mobile web in September this year. Users can browse photos, like them, save posts and access them later on with the bookmarking feature. They can access all of their saved posts by tapping the bookmark icon in the top right corner of the page.

Now, adding Stories creation - arguably one of Instagram's most popular feature - is an important next step toward making a viable alternative to those who wouldn't otherwise use the app.

Instagram parent Facebook earlier this week consolidated two of its other stories features. Once done, users can post it to the story by tapping "Share to Your Story".

As TechCrunch reported on Friday, Zuckerberg and Co. are testing something called "Messenger Day", which is basically another Snapchat Stories ripoff.

And, unlike Facebook and Messenger, there isn't yet a dedicated "lite" version of Instagram, though the app is working on offline functionality.

Plus, Facebook last month started letting users cross-post their Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories.

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