50 injured in train collision in Germany

50 injured in train collision in Germany

"Our emergency services arrived at the accident site", the Meerbusch Fire Department said via Twitter.

Around fifty people have been injured in a train crash near the German city of Dusseldorf.

Up to 150 commuters were on the passenger train when the crash happened in Meerbusch at around 8pm.

A pair of trains crashed into one another near Dusseldorf, Germany on Tuesday, local media reported. However, it remains unclear why the freight train parked on the same track.

50 injured after passenger train hits freight train in Germany
BREAKING: Two trains crash leaving at least 150 trapped – emergency services on scene

Authorities say three people suffered serious injuries, three had slightly less serious injuries and another 41 were mildly injured.

A photo tweeted by the Meerbusch fire department showed the passenger train partially derailed but still upright.

Power to the train line is set to be cut off for a short period so as to help free the people on board.

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