Cheteshwar Pujara acknowledges concerns over India's fielding at slips

Cheteshwar Pujara acknowledges concerns over India's fielding at slips

Many pundits believed that the solution to the slip catching could have been solved by putting in Ajinkya Rahane at the position. There are some players who will be there throughout the away tours.

In the 3rd Test against Sri Lanka, India dropped 3 catches in the slip cordon. He fared well at first slip, but the fortunes of the slip cordon on the whole didn't turn for the better.

India dropped three catches in the Delhi Test versus Sri Lanka, which resulted in a draw.

India will begin their tour of South Africa with a two-day warm-up match at Boland Park in Paarl from December 30-31. This also shows that India doesn't have a fixed fielder in the slips. Pujara hasn't a clue.

"Technically, I don't know what is going wrong", admitted Pujara. We know catching is very important. To be honest, we put in a lot of hard work in our fielding.

"Day in and day out, all those players who were standing in the slips, they are taking about 50-100 catches. So we are trying to improve ourselves and eventually results will come". Many of our players were there in 2013.

"To be honest we haven't fielded well in the slips". At the same time, there have been injuries where openers have missed out. At the same time there have been injuries with someone like M Vijay, who used to be at first slip didn't, not playing for six months. So we had to replace Vijay with someone. We'll also discuss the issue when we get there. The ultimate goal of any team is to win a Test match and when we play for the Indian team, its always about scoring runs and when it comes to test cricket we take it very seriously and we always try to win as many matches as we possibly can.

"Also our spinners, if I look at the wicket, they bowled really well", Pujara said, his defence for his bowlers seemed as impregnable as his batting. Rahane is one of the better catchers in the side and has shown the wares of owning the spot against spinners. Rahane fields in the gully region and is a top notch player there.

"Ajinkya has been fielding at gully for quite a long time. We fully support him to make a comeback". He is set, we can't keep on changing fielders. "When he's at gully, he knows the angles, he has the idea of where to stay when he starts fielding at gully", Pujara said. But we are working hard every day and have assigned few players for overseas tours as well. We will prepare a few players who will be standing at the slips. "The fast bowlers will do a lot of damage", Pujara said, "There is a big difference between what South Africa's used to be at one point and what it is now".

Pujara, who was dropped from the Test team previous year in West Indies, seemingly because of his batting style, refuted the claim that he has been asked to bat differently. The most common ones were seen in the first slip.

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