FCC commissioner heavily edits Pai's net neutrality plan to completely reverse it

FCC commissioner heavily edits Pai's net neutrality plan to completely reverse it

For the next 48 hours, defenders of so-called neutrality will dive into a mass protest online against the FCC vote, which a group of internet pioneers -including guys like Steve Wozniak - has urged the Senate to cancel. However, other experts support the change, arguing that it will help smaller broadband providers to grow and will allow a flexible framework for the internet of the future.

We have in previous posts gone into greater detail on Net Neutrality.

Net neutrality is a broad concept that means ISPs must treat all internet traffic the same.

Under current net neutrality law, providers like Comcast or Verizon are not able to provide faster or slower lanes of broadband to individuals, companies or organizations.

At the time, Pai was arguing against the FCC adopting net neutrality rules when he was in the minority.

Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, supports net neutrality as well. "Ajit Pai brings his Verizon lawyer viewpoint to the FCC, and when he leaves the FCC, Verizon, Comcast and other ISP's will be his close colleagues and his retirement plan", said Kevin Zeese of Popular Resistance. But in 2014-15, this same issue was fought, and pro-Net Neutrality campaigns supported by hundreds of thousands of people pressured the Obama administration to keep the Internet free from telecom control-and won. Perhaps repealing the utility designation to allow for cutting-edge development could be paired with a federal law that protects net neutrality more specifically. "Much of the debate and discussion is around what could happen, or what might occur, with current cultural discourse tending to emphasize the more extreme 'what ifs'".

Democrats are calling for a delay of the vote because the FCC has yet to resolve disputes over a large volume of fake comments supporting the repeal supporting the repeal proposal that were submitted to the agency's docket along with stolen personal information, and activists stay there is still a chance to push lawmakers into action. The senators say that is a "false notion" and ignores the changing nature and centrality of the 'net.

Up until this time, the Internet-the modern backbone of almost all USA communications-has been free and open to anyone with a connection.

"Not using the internet isn't an option anymore", he said.

"And that's very important for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that the FCC. if this is adopted on December 14, will have no oversight whatsoever over the broadband market", Sohn explains.

Republicans in Congress may pay a heavy price for not supporting Net Neutrality. How can the same federal government that wants to undo net neutrality also oppose the merger of AT&T and Time Warner? He said regulation decreases competition that drives "access for more people and more innovation". In 2015, that number dropped to 24%.

PornHub does not want you to suffer from slow porn. "It's the rarity that gives them some of their power". Could unraveling net neutrality widen the digital divide, causing disparities in who can access which websites, and how fast?

As the FCC tries to justify its blatant handout to the broadband industry, one of the common refrains is that the rules must be repealed because they hurt broadband investment.

Some supporters of net neutrality, such as Liz Howell and Kody Creger, are also tired of actions that major ISPs, such as Verizon, have taken to slow search services such as Google and to block the use of unlicensed tethering apps. The Supreme Court's decision in NCTA v. Brand X (2005) appears to have upheld the classification of cable modem Internet access service as an information service based on straightforward statutory interpretation. Internet freedom groups and activists had to not only educate the public on what Net Neutrality was, they also had to get the public involved.

Another concern is that ISPs are supporting the repeal as a form of rent-seeking. Over 700,000 phone calls have been logged at the FCC over the past few months against Ajit Pai's plan to end Internet Freedom.

With the decision due in the next 48 hours, we cannot stress how important we feel Net Neutrality is.

Still, state-level net neutrality protections have found some early backing in the Legislature. "I do not believe that the way ISPs act will be stereotypical", Hawley said.

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