Jon Hamm reportedly wants replace Ben Affleck as 'Batman'

Jon Hamm reportedly wants replace Ben Affleck as 'Batman'

Ben Affleck has given a series of vague-ish answers to questions surrounding his commitment to the future of playing Batman on the big screen.

According to Radar Online, former Mad Men star Hamm wants the role and is doing whatever it takes to replace Affleck. Hamm and Affleck have been good friends ever since they starred together in Affleck's 2010 movie The Town, and they'd often drink together until Hamm made a decision to sober up two years ago. "They've enjoyed working together and have been on good terms ever since". "This is business for Jon - not personal". Previous report suggested that Reeves had been meeting with potential Batman actors recently, including Jake Gyllenhaal, for the upcoming stand-alone flick. "But the writing's on the wall, and Jon's desperate for the gig - friend or not", the source continued.

Do you think Hamm would make a good Batman though?

In a detailed account of a shakeup at Warner Bros. following "Justice League's" lower-than-expected box office grosses, Variety reported Thursday that "The Batman" director Matt Reeves plans to recast the title role.

It may yet be that Ben Affleck does line up to lead the cast of The Batman. Affleck's script was thrown out and, at this point, it's totally unclear what direction Reeves is taking the movie. According to the source, the friendship is still strong, but that won't stop Hamm from getting what he wants. "He doesn't care whose toes he has to tread on to get there". But getting to play one of the biggest superheroes on the planet for one of the best directors working in Hollywood now is on another level entirely.

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