Saudi king warns Trump against United States embassy move to Jerusalem

Saudi king warns Trump against United States embassy move to Jerusalem

They said that King Salman had received a telephone call from Trump about developments in the region and the world.

He said such a move is going to provoke Muslims around the world because of the status of Jerusalem for Muslims as the location of Al- Aqsa Mosque, the Muslim's first Qibla.

The Cabinet extended firm support for the Palestinian people in establishing their state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Saudi Arabia, home to Islam's holiest sites, and regional Muslim power Turkey have both warned against any attempt to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital or move the embassy to city.

It insisted that the United States take into consideration the grave and negative consequences of the step to avoid harming its ability to continue efforts to achieve a just solution for the Palestinian cause in line with the relevant global references and the Arab Peace Initiative.

The movement called on the worldwide community to work to undermine the "frenzied" U.S. plan.

Meanwhile, Palestinians have demonstrated unanimous outrage over the move by Trump. Sissi's spokesperson Bassam Radhi said Egypt's leader told Trump the Egyptian position is "to maintain the legal status of Jerusalem in the framework of worldwide... decisions".

The statement added: "Jerusalem is the gate to war and peace".

Although this step does not change or infringe upon the inalienable and preserved rights of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, and other occupied territories, and even though it can not impose a new reality upon those rights, it does however exemplify a drastic regression in the efforts to move the peace process forward, and is a shift away from the United States's historically impartial position with regard to the issue of Jerusalem, which will further complicate the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Trump was also scheduled to speak with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

American officials said on Friday that US President Donald Trump meant to make the announcement soon in violation of a trend that his predecessors had followed in keeping this issue away from peace negotiations. It was unclear, however, whether he would set a date, according to Reuters. "Jerusalem is a red line for Muslims", he said, adding that such a decision would be a violation of worldwide law, and "a big blow to the conscience of humanity". Many western countries and Arab countries had urged not to shift embassy.

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