The Internet Is Loving Watching People Step Over Invisible Boxes

The Internet Is Loving Watching People Step Over Invisible Boxes

American Ariel Olivar shared a mind-blowing video on Friday in which she appears to pat and then step over an invisible box, according to Time. Forget planking, cinnamon eating, ice-bucket pouring, mannequin standing and bottle flipping: December 2017 is all about pretending to step on to an invisible box. There has been a new entry to the long list of time-wasting sensations taking the internet by storm. The cheer leader stepped on an "invisible box" and hopped over it.

Texas high school cheerleader Ariel Olivar perfected the stunt and video of her performance has gone viral after it was posted to Twitter Saturday. For example, a video from 2014 shows a group of dancers pulling it off.

The man who supercharged the fad doesn't seem to know much about how he did it either, as Hines told Men's Health that anyone could perform the move with a little bit of graft.

To take part in the viral challenge, tap on the surface on an imaginary box before placing your foot on the top of it and swinging your leg over it, in a jumping motion.

'You'll notice [the] body rotates toward the leg on the step as well; there's a ton of oblique and ab stability maintaining that position'.

After Hines, many people attempted the Invisible Box Challenge.

But the moving leg that hops forward faces a greater challenge. "Very explosive hip flexor, abdominal and glute strength is what is driving the leg up and over the "box", Ebenezer said.

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