Thieves Rob R. Kelly's Atlanta-Area Home Dry

Thieves Rob R. Kelly's Atlanta-Area Home Dry

But when contacted by police, Kelly's staff said Walker was only a part-time employee and was never told to empty out the mansions, TMZ reported. According to Johns Creek police, a maid showed up to clean one of the singer's houses and found that "everything was gone".

"They wouldn't sell an individual item for a certain price, but say a bedroom for $6,000", Byers said. "Many televisions. Furnishings. We're talking about couches, chairs, tables".

A lawyer for R. Kelly has not responded to requests for comment from the singer. They told police they were hired by Walker to sell everything because Kelly was relocating to Chicago.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Walker allegedly believed Kelly owed him money. Police told FOX 5 News they would like to hear from other people who now have items belonging to Mr. Kelly and who paid funds to Walker.

He was told he had to turn himself into police on Tuesday but didn't end up doing so which has ultimately led to a warrant for his arrest.

Alfonso Walker, also known as "Doc", has been charged with burglary, theft by taking, and theft by deception. Police are urging those who bought his belongings to come forward. The musician has denied the allegations.

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