Uber's future in Sheffield in jeopardy after suspension of license

Uber's future in Sheffield in jeopardy after suspension of license

According to a new report from The Guardian, Uber's license has been suspended by Sheffield city council.

Ibrar Hussain, taxi driver and GMB union rep for drivers in Sheffield said: "Uber only have themselves to blame for this - the law does not allow does not allow the transfer of an operator's licence".

The app will submit an appeal if the new application cannot be resolved by December 18 so its drivers can continue to take passengers, the spokesman said.

If Uber decides not to appeal, its licence will be formally suspended.

Uber has had its licence to operate in Sheffield suspended. Bertram left Uber in October. If not processed Uber faces the risk of being out of operation over the Christmas period.

The decision by Sheffield City Council comes after the company failed to reassure the council about how the company is being managed.

Uber said it informed the council on 5 October about its need to change the name on its licence as the individual was due to leave the company. "The council told us they couldn't change the name on the licence, as most other councils have done, and that we would instead have to apply for a new one", Uber said in a statement.

Uber claims it was unaware of the request from the Sheffield City Council because the council sent the information to the wrong address.

"We hope our application for a new licence will be resolved before December 19 so that we can continue serving tens of thousands of riders and drivers in Sheffield".

This is yet another blow to Uber as it struggles to properly deal with authorities.

Uber is now appealing a license suspension in London due to regulatory concerns about the company's business practices.

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