Windows 10 now lets you hook up Cortana with your Google account

Windows 10 users that use a Gmail account will benefit from this integration, as it will allow their assistant to access calendar appointments and trigger notifications when necessary.

The functionality isn't live on Android and iOS yet, but that should happen sooner than later. Then, you will be prompted in a separate window to sign into your Gmail account and provide permission for Cortana to access and manage your email, Google Drive files, contacts, and calendars. Those looking to test out the new features, should click the Windows 10 search bar, bring up Cortana Notebook, go to Connected Services and press Add a Service. Once there, use the "Add a Service" option (in "Connected Services") to add Gmail. Users will find Gmail listed with other services, select Gmail and click on Connect.

Microsoft is rolling out a major feature for Cortana today.

Windows 10 users can now hook up Cortana with their Google account, giving the digital assistant access to the likes of Google Calendar events and your Gmail inbox.

Here, Cortana is presented as a new contact for Skype users to interact with directly.

It is indeed great to see Microsoft adding more connections to Cortana, as it only helps make the digital assistant more usable and friendly.

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