YouTube reportedly plans new paid music streaming service

YouTube reportedly plans new paid music streaming service

2018 is going to start with a bang: YouTube looks set to launch a new music streaming service in March next year.

The new service could help appease record-industry executives who have pushed for more revenue from YouTube.

Tentatively called Remix, the platform has already secured rights from Warner Music Group. Spotify is the giant, and it only offers a streaming music option. The service is also attached to Google's Play Music, which allows users access to either service, at no extra charge.

YouTube hasn't had the same success as Apple or Spotify in convincing people to sign up for its paid music services, though it's not for lack of trying. That morphed into YouTube Red in 2016, letting users watch any video without advertising.

Currently, YouTube offers its Red service to customers that give them access to original content and also commercial-free streaming.

Internally codenamed "Remix", the new service features on-demand streaming with video clips and other YouTube-like elements.

YouTube must overcome several hurdles to meet a March target. Google combined both the YouTube Music and Google Play Music teams in February, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai had told investors earlier this year that the company planned to unite its music experiences under one roof.

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