CW President Said Fans Should Not Worry About Upcoming Supergirl Hiatus

CW President Said Fans Should Not Worry About Upcoming Supergirl Hiatus

Supergirl will return from midseason hiatus on Monday, January 15th, 2018.

The fan-favorite series will be following DC's Legends of Tomorrow, which is sharing the 8PM time slot with Supergirl for the remainder of the season.

The announcement of "Supergirl's" upcoming nine-week hiatus has anxious a lot of fans, but The CW president Mark Pedowitz said that viewers should not read anything into the fact the show will be off the air from February to April. Pedowitz stated, "We had a moment where they had some production issues". "We figured OK, let's give it a rest, put Legends on, have iZombie come on with it in February".

Pedowitz said fans should not be anxious about the show's future. Pedowitz addressed claims that the show's recent hiatus coming up in February was a bad sign for the show, and it anxious some fans that the series could be heading toward cancellation. "We are big believers in the show, and big believers in [series lead] Melissa [Benoist] and the direction of the show", he said. The Girl of Steel will then reclaim her Monday home starting April 16, and air new episodes straight through to the Season 3 finale, which will air June 18. "It gave us a way to keep fresh programming for most of the year into the summer".

The news that The CW's Supergirl would be benched for nine weeks starting mid-February hit some fans like a kryptonite-laced arrow. "We're going to see a commercial on TV; we want to get someone like Laura Linney making a commercial pleading for the people of the United States to sign their brain donor card". But according to Pedowitz, the change was partially out of their control, due to "production issues" on Supergirl's part.

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