Duplicate charges causing havoc for Capital One customers

Duplicate charges causing havoc for Capital One customers

A glitch is reportedly causing Capitol One users to be double-charged for recent transactions, tying up money and in some cases making account holders' debit cards unusable. A Capital One spokesperson said customers will be credited for the inaccurate charges but did not give a timeline for when those credits will be posted.

Many customers were complaining that their accounts were pushed into the negative.

The problem was resolved early Thursday morning, the bank said. The company cautioned that wait times for phone support are long and encouraged customers to connect with the company through online banking or its mobile app. In some cases, the same charge was withdrawn three times.

Debit card bank transactions have us seeing double today. That charge was posted twice to his account.

Some customers reported missing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars from their accounts.

"All hands are on deck working on a fix", read the company's tweet, which added "customers won't be responsible for any fees due to this issue". Aggravated customers aired their grievances on social media.

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